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Codes of Coduct are within our Mission Statement, Policies and By-Laws, are guided by the rules, regulations, and conduct policies of Baseball Sask, Baseball Canada, and comply with all City of Regina regulations. As indicated in our Mission Statement, we continually strive to even go beyond the afformentioned, in order to ensure a family friendly enviornment, where people of all ages are welcome to the Park and Facilities. We are answerable to the Optimist Club of Regina, and as a member of the Optimist Association, we strictly follow the values and mission of the Optimist Associaiton. All Regina Optimist Baseball Association Board Members, are committed to enforcing the affrormentioned codes of conduct and values. Actions, decisions, written, verbal communication and images, will strictly comply with the afformentioned, and those not following and adhering to codes of conduct will be asked to comply, and if refusing to comply, will be dismissed from the Board and/or Park and Association. Codes of Conduct will be enforced, and apply to everyone involved with, or entering the Regina Optimist Park, including and not limited to Board Members, Players, Fans, Coaches, Umpires, Volunteers, and Associates.  

Our Minor Baseball Rules are guided by Baseball Sask: For baseball rules, coaching rules, umpire rules, certification requirements, dispute resolutions - and any and all rules pertaining to minor baseball >  Here

The Regina Optimist Baseball Association/Park/Junior League/Website Polices and By-Laws are made, reviewed and updated, and enforced by the Board Members of the Regina Optimist Baseball Association. To request a copy, please click > Here

The Regina Optimist Park Rules, are made by the Board Members of the Regina Optimist Baseball Association, and are in compliance of City of Regina regulations, and go beyond those regulations to promote a youth friendly family enviornment for people of all ages attending. 

  • This is a Youth Oriented, 'Family Friendly Place' !  :)
  • Have Fun! 
  • No vulgarity please, whether speaking, or written on clothing
  • Please put garbage, sunflower seeds, gum, in trash containters
  • Dogs on leash please, reminder , if leaving dog in car, role window down for air
  • Please clean up any 'debris' from your dog :) 
  • No loud stereos please
  • 5 km maximum speed in parking lot, and PLEASE WATCH FOR CHILDREN
  • Please know where your children are at all times 
  • See other website links for further policies/charter/codes of conduct/baseball rules
  • We are not responsible for lost or stolen items.  Please secure them
  • Be vigilant! If you notice any unusual or dangerous behaviour, contact office, security, police
  • Reminder, dress appropriatley for hot days, skin burns fast & certified sun tan lotion
  • Reminder, keep hydrated with water, especially on hot days
  • Reminder , dress appropriately for windy, cold, rainy days
  • Playing under baseball stands may be dangerous, please avoid doing so 
  • No solicitation for products/services unless authourization given by Regina Optimist Baseball
  • No smoking please. Their are children present. Please go off site to smoke
  • No alcohol
  • Enjoy and have fun!   
              Regina Optimist Association, Park & Website