2024 League Coaches and Contacts for Regina Optimist Jr League 

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2023 League Coaches/Contacts

Norm Loehr

Rod Palanuik     

Warren Pielak     

Chad Bobryk, Reds Coach

Joe Stawarz, Penguins Coach



2022 League Coaches/Contacts

Norm Loehr 306-596-1661,

Rod Palanuik  League President

Warren Pielak League Web/Communications

Chad Bobryk   Reds Coach

Bruce Hesselink  Pirates(Opt Jr) Coach 





2021 League Coaches/Contacts 

Norm Loehr        League Chair 306-596-1661, 306-543-1811 Park 

Rod Palanuik       League President   

Warren Pielak     League Web/Communications   

Nathan Halvorsen  Pirates Coach   

Carmon Halveron   Pirates Coach   

Chad Bobryk          Reds Coach     

Steve Klippenstein  Angels Coach   


Former Years Coaches

Jerry Sexsmith    Regina Dirt Bags Coach 306-529-1978   

Larry Sexsmith    Regina Dirt Bags Coach 306-536-0570   

Todd Davis           Regina Reds Devils Coach 306-536-9401  

Carmon Halverson   Regina Pirates Coach 306-529-2096 

Tanner Ring         Regina Reds Coach 639-571-4844

Trent Daunheimer Weyburn Par Contracting A's Coach 306-861-0030 


Brian Trollope     WEB Saltcoats Lakers 783-2089 H 641-7844 C