2019 Baseball Canada Cup: 950 pictures/video/final remarks/feedback

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2019 Baseball Canada Cup: 950 pictures/video/final remarks/feedback

A Very Big Thank You from the Regina Optimist Baseball Association/Park for allowing us to Host the 2019 Baseball Canada Cup. And a Very Big Thank You to all of you for participating and attending. Thank You to all the: Players, Coaches, Chefs, Umpires, Families, Friends, Fans, Sponsors, Provincial Baseball Organizations, Committee Members and Volunteers. Our hope is that we leave you with fond memories, and that the Tournament was a stepping stone to everyone's pursuits and dreams. We look forward to possibly seeing all of you again. All the best :) Please scroll down and see below: All Tournament Pictures and Video; Final Results; and Feed Back Email. Good Luck, Good Bye, and Come Again !!!


Aug 7 Pictures (Action Shots and Barb-q) 300 pics, Click > Here

Aug 8 - 10 Pictures,  350 pics, Click > Here

Aug 11 Final Day Action Shots and Medal Presentations, 280 pics, Click > Here

Team Pictures, Click > Here

Tournament Videos, (Videos 38 to 48) Click > Here

Professional Medal Presentation Pictures, 16 pics, Click > Here

Professional Action Shots, 36 pics, Click > Here

Tournament Results, Click > Here

Tournament Standings, Click > Here

Tournament Rosters, Click > Here


Feed Back Please for Tournament! Please let us know your thoughts, concerns, how we may improve: [email protected]



All The Best....!!!


2019 Baseball Canada Cup Committee

Regina Optimist Baseball Association/Park