Park Reminders & Rules !

Park Rules - Image 4
  • This is a Youth Oriented, 'Family Friendly Place' !  :)
  • Have Fun! 
  • No vulgarity please, whether speaking, or written on clothing
  • Please put garbage, sunflower seeds, gum, in trash containters
  • Dogs on leash please, reminder , if leaving dog in car, role window down for air
  • Please clean up any 'debris' from your dog :) 
  • No loud stereos please
  • 5 km maximum speed in parking lot, and PLEASE WATCH FOR CHILDREN
  • Please know where your children are at all times 
  • See other website links for further policies/charter/codes of conduct/baseball rules
  • We are not responsible for lost or stolen items.  Please secure them
  • Be vigilant! If you notice any unusual or dangerous behaviour, contact office, security, police
  • Reminder, dress appropriatley for hot days, skin burns fast & certified sun tan lotion
  • Reminder, keep hydrated with water, especially on hot days
  • Reminder , dress appropriately for windy, cold, rainy days
  • Playing under baseball stands may be dangerous, please avoid doing so 
  • No solicitation for products/services unless authourization given by Regina Optimist Baseball
  • No smoking please. Their are children present. Please go off site to smoke
  • No alcohol
  • Enjoy and have fun!    
              Regina Optimist Association, Park & Website 2019