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Welcome to the 2023 Baseball Canada Cup, Regina Saskatchewan ! 

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Welcome to the Prestigious 2023 Baseball Canada Cup! This year the Tournament will be held in Regina Saskatchewan, Aug 9-13. We are looking forward to a Great Baseball Tournament, and are looking forward to Serving You! This web site will be continually updated as information is finalized. Please check back. Until then if you have any questions/concerns, please email us at: [email protected]

(Scroll down to view all information to date. Further information forthcoming and will be posted, here, as soon as finalized)

> Tournament: Aug 9-13, Regina, Sask. If rainout day is required, will be Aug 14.

> Tournament Host: Regina Optimist Baseball Associaton/Park

> Tournament Host Committee: click > Here

> Volunteers: If anyone would like to volunteer for the Tournament to help out with Field Mainenance, Gate Ticket Sales, Chasing Fall Balls and outher, please email   and we will get back to you within 24 hours :)

> Baseball Parks: Regina Opitmist Baseball Park (Host Park) and Regina Currie Field. 

> Schedule: click > Here

> List of Sponsors and Partners, click > Here

> Opening Ceremonies: August 9, 6pm, Regina Optimist Baseball Park

> Arrival: All Players/Coaches/Chefs/Umpires must be checked in to Regina Atlas Hotel before 5pm, August 8.

> Accommodations: Players/Coaches/Chefs/Umpires are staying at the Regina Atlas Hotel. Click > Here , and when booking in, ask for Katherine, and let them know you are with the 2023 Baseball Canada Cup

> Meals: The Atlas Hotel provides 'free' breakfast for all Players/Coaches/Chefs/Umpires. Well before the Tournament, The Atlas Hotel will be sending out a menu to all teams for lunch and dinner options. Teams will fill out menu options, , etc, for requirements for lunch and dinner. Costs for lunches and dinner incurred by teams, coaches, chefs, umpires. Further details to come...

> Families/Friends/Fans: Limited amount of Hotel Rooms at the Regina Atlas Hotel have been put aside. If wanting to stay at the Regina Atlas Hotel, please click > Here, and ask for Katherine, and let her know you are in 'town' for the 2023 Baseball Canada Cup. Hotel charges apply. Tournament Pass $60, Day Game Pass $25, Game Pass $10. Tickets will be available at Gate Entrances of both Optimist and Currie Field. Further questions, information, please e-mail   Those family members wanting to attend the Banquet, there is room for 40 people and the cost will be $35 per person. Please e-mail  for tickets for Banquet.

> Banquet: For Players/Coaches/Chefs will be held at the Regina Atlas Hotel, Aug 8, at 6pm. Family and friends are welcome to the banquet but must purchase tickets. Banquet room holds 330 people, and the Teams/Coaches/Chefs/Committee will take up at least 290 seats. The baquet is mandatory for all Teams, Coaches, Chefs, Committee. Dress will be semi casual, and if Teams want to wear their jersey's with a pair of 'dress type pants', this is actually recommended. Those Family members wanting to attend the Banquet are required to pay $35.00 per person. Those family members wanting to attend, please e-mail

> Coaches/Umpire Meeting: Will be held at the Regina Atlas Hotel after the Banquet, at 7:30pm.

Transportation: All Players/Coaches/Chefs will be bused to and from the airport, and to and from games. Buses are for Players/Coaches/Chefs only. Umpires will be appointed 3 rental vans. Rental Vans are for Umpires only. Equipment, personal items, other...Are NOT to be left on buses, as 'you' may not get the same bus and driver the next day, or even the same day. Players/Coaches/Chefs/Umpires are responsible for their own equipment, personal belongings and other. Further details forthcoming.

> Ticket Prices/Where to Purchase: $60 Tournament Pass. $25 Day Pass. $10 per game. Tickets will be available at entrance gates of both parks.

> Merchandise: Click > Information to be posted

> Canteen > On Site: hamburgers, hot dogs, candy, potato chips. soft drinks, water, coffee, breakfast sandwiches, other....

> Umpires and Technical Committee: click > Here  Umpires will be contacted directly, and recieve all pertinant information. Until then, if there are any questions or information requirements, e-mail

> Bat Boys: Will be provided for all Teams, information forthcoming...

> Practice FieldsWill be provided if requested. There will be no practices allowed on the Host Field (Optimist Baseball Park). Those Teams wanting a practice field must request one, and there will be charge of approximately $300 for being bused to the field, the cost of the practice field rental, and being bused back to the Hotel. Further information forthcoming...Note: Because of the time of year, there are limited amounts of practice fields available around the City. It is recommended, if wanting a practice, that the request be put in at least 3 weeks before the Tournament, or sooner, with day/time request. If not, there may be no practice fields available at all. And, even if booking 3 weeks before the Tournament, chances of getting a practice field are 'good' but not gauranteed. Email:

> Scorekeepers, Score BoothScorekeepers will be provided. Game Changer Admin will be provided. The score booth is limited in space: 1 Host Scorekeeper/1 Host Game Changer Admin/2 Admin, 1 from each Team playing/2 Media Reps...Score booth holds 6 people maximum. More info to follow...

> Scouts: All scouts to recieve "Scout Package". For more information, email

> Team Music, Batter Walk Up Music: Not allowed.

> Regina Environment: Will be very hot. Stay hydrated, and take breaks from the sun. Sun tan lotion, hats, etc. Nights may be cooler than expected. We are hoping for no rain but if raining, usually it rains hard and lasts a short time. Rain coats and umbrellas please have on hand. Mosquitos will be a big challenge this year. For fans, mosquito repellant is a must. For players on the field, and absolute must.

> About Host: The Regina Optimist Baseball Association/Park is a family friendly association/park where people of all ages are welcome, specifically children. The association/park is dedicated to family friendly values and beliefs, and enforces them. Those not complying to the policies, procedures of the association/park will be asked to leave. For a list of our policies and procedures, please click > Here

> If Information is not posted here, it has not been finalized. When finalized, it will be posted immediately.