*Important Information* Regarding 2020 "Potential" Baseball Season

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*Important Information* Regarding 2020 "Potential" Baseball Season

*Important Information* Regarding 2020 "Potential" Baseball Season

Please read all below in full:

1. The Regina Optimist Baseball Association/Park is under the guidance, protocal and insurance of Baseball Sask. As such, we must follow their recommendations as to a potential Baseball Registration, Baseball Practice, Baseball Games. Please go to the Baseball Sask websiite for the latest information, by clicking > Here

2. With respect to the Regina Optimist Junior Baseball League, we must establish how many players are potentially still willing to play. Note specifically that the potential time lines to begin practice and actual play...and subject to all conditions of practice and play...are located on the Baseball Sask website. Those conditions of practice and play involve many things inluding but not limited to: social distance guidlines; signing of waivers; sanitizing; etc. Please read the conditions and protocal which are on the Baseball Sask website.

3. After reading all the conditions and timelines on the Baseball Sask website, if you are still interested in playing ball this year 2020 (which would be a limited season and of course fees to play would be adjusted for the limited season) please do the following: First, if you have not registered for the Regina Optimist Junior League, please do so by filling out the registration form, then click 'submit', which is located > Here    Once you have registered, then go to the next form, and simply enter your name and click 'submit'. This is a second form confirming your willingness to play. The form is located > Here

If there are any questions or concerns, please e-mail us at reginaoptimistbaseball@gmail.com


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