*Attention All Registered Junior Players: Important Information Re: May 5 and entire month of May*

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*Attention All Registered Junior Players: Important Information Re: May 5 and entire month of May*

If you have not played in our league in previous years please attend evaluations scheduled as follows
DATE ; May 5 . 2018
LOCATION  Regina sportsplex, Fieldhouse  1717 Elphinstone Street , Regina
  TIME== 8: 00 PM to 10PM
This evaluation will focus on throwing and fielding. It may be to everyone’s advantage to be there several minutes before starting time so that all may be registered and assigned numbers.     
The second set of evaluations for which  notice was sent out previously will focus on pitching and hitting and will be held at the Regina Baseball Institute on May 7 and 8
If you have any questions please contact me at njloehr@sasktel.net  or at 306-596-1661
Norm Loehr

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Previous Message Sent Out

Finally the weather has improved and its time to think about playing baseball again. It now looks like we will have a 5 team league , ( 4 Regina teams and 1 Moose Jaw team).Teams will be mainly made up through a draft process that will take place on or about May 10. The League will start on May 17 or 18 . May 14, 15 and 16 will be used as practise dates for the new teams.
For those of you who have not previously played in the Junior league There will be a series of evaluations . Details of the first set are as follows
  Dates==  May 7 and 8 from  8 PM to 9:30 PM ,
Location=== Regina Baseball training Centre- East Regina  ( Directions to RBI can be found on their web site  == RBI Training.com)
this workout will feature pitching and hitting. There will be further workouts scheduled shortly at the Regina Field House that will  feature fielding. The date of these sessions are currently being worked out .You will be advised further shortly.
If anyone has friends that are interested in playing Junior Baseball please make sure that they have registered now , be fore it is too late
If anyone has further questions please contact me at njloehr@sasktel.net or at 306-596-1661
Norm Loehr
Junior League chair