Time To Start Getting Ready for Baseball Season!

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Only 10 Weeks Left Until Park Opening!

10 weeks until Park Opening, Mid May or Before, weather permitting! Time to start thinking, gearing up, training and registering for the 2018 season, if you have not already done so! Check out the important links below, to get you warmed up and ready!

- * Player Registration * > Here

- * Coach Registration * > Here

- Contact Us > Here

- Feedback > Here

- Sponsorship > Here

- Regina Optimist Junior Ball Inquieries > Here

- Baseball Training from Pro Baseball Insider > Here

- Baseball Training from Ultimate Baseball Training > Here

- Baseball Training from QC Baseball Instruction > Here

- Baseball Tips from Youth Baseball > Here

- Baseball Strength/Conditioning/Training from UPMC Sports Mediciine > Here

- Coaching Baseball Tips and Reminders > Here

- Parents Baseball Tips and Reminders > Here

- 5000 + Pictures and 200 + Videos of our Park Baseball Games/Events/Tournaments > Here

Note/Disclaimer: Check with your medical doctor or child's medical doctor before performing any of the linked to excercises, training, conditioning and prevention from injury recommended methods. Your health is of utmost importance, and recommendations for your health should come from your medical doctor or your child's medical doctor.

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