Regina Optimist Park Games/Events Schedule for Entire Year 2018

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Regina Optimist Park Games/Events Schedule for Entire Year 2018

Check back regularly for game changes, updates, cancellations..............

(J) Regina Optimist Junior League....(Q) Qu'appelle Valley League, (M) Midget League





Information Below is Updated Daily, or as Information is recieved.....check back regualarily.........

Below is a schedule of ALL Games at Regina Optimist Park. To view ONLY the Regina Optimist Junior League Schedule, Click > Here 

June 10     10am Pirates vs Angels, 1pm & 4pm Parland vs Buffalos, 7:00 Pm Moose Jaw vs Reds

June 11     6:15pm Braves vs Ghosts (Q), 8:45pm Indians vs Jays (Q)

June 12     6:00pm Woflpack vs Athletics (M), 8:45pm A's vs Bucs (Q)

June 13     6:25pm Braves vs Jays (Q), 8:45pm Weyburn vs Dodgers (Q)

June 14    6:15pm Reds vs Devils (J), 8:45pm MooseJaw vs Pirates (J) (both games rained out)

June 15    6:15pm & 8:45pm Radville vs Regina Expos (M)

June 16    1:00 & 4:00pm Cubs vs Wolfpack (M)

June 17    10:00am & 1pm  Pirates vs Wolfpack (M), 4:00pm Devils vs Angels (J), 7:00pm Reds vs Pirates (J)

June 18    6:00pm Lumsden Cubs vs White Sox (M), 8:45pm, Cubs vs Red Dogs (Q)

June 19    6:15pm Moose Jaw vs Dodgers (Q), 8:45pm Bucs vs Caps (Q)

June 20    6:00pm Athletics  vs Wolfpack (M), 8:45pm Rangers vs Packers (Q)

June 21    6:15pm Pirates vs Devils (J), 8:45pm Reds vs Angels (J)

June 22    6:15pm Braves vs A's (Q), 8:45pm Weyburn vs Trappers (Q)

June 23    7:00pm Angels vs Reds (J)

June 24    10am & 1pm S.C 57's vs Wolfpack (M), 4:00PM Pirates vs Angels (J), 7:00pm Reds vs Devils (J)

June 25    6:00pm MJ Canucks vs Pacers (M), 8:45pm Blue Jayes vs Pacers (M)

June 26    6:00pm White Sox vs Athletics (M), 8:45pm Devils vs Pirates (J)

June 27    6:00pm White Butte vs Pacers (M), 8:45pm Trappers vs Dodgers (Q)

June 28    6:15pm Angels vs Devils (J), 8:45pm Pirates vs Reds (J)

June 29    6:15pm Angels vs Devils (J), 8:45pm Reds vs Devils (cancelled) (J)

July 1       1:00pm, A's vs Wolfpack (M), 4:00pm MJ vs Angels (J)

July 2       1:00pm White Butte vs Blue Jays (M)

July 3       6:15pm MJ vs Jays (Q), 8:45pm Caps vs Trappers (Q)

July 4       6:00pm & 8:45pm Wolfpack vs White Sox (M)

July 5       6:15pm Angels vs Reds (J), 8:45pm MJ vs Devils (J)

July 6      6:15pm Braves vs Bucs (Q), 8:45pm A's vs Ghosts (Q)

July 7      6:15pm Pirates vs Reds (J)

July 8      1:00pm Moose Jaw vs Reds (J), 4:00pm Angels vs Pirates (J), 7:00pm Bucs vs Jays (Q)

July 9      6:15pm Red Dogs vs Braves (Q), 8:45pm Weyburn vs Dodgers (Q)

July 10    6:15pm Cubs vs A's (Q), 8:45pm Braves vs Trappers (Q)

July 11    6:15pm Angels vs Devils (J), 8:45pm Red Dogs vs Ghosts (Q)

July 12    6:15pm Devils vs Reds (J), 8:45pm Moose Jaw vs Pirates (J) (Cancelled)

July 16    Braves vs Red Dogs (QV), 8:45pm

July 17    6:00pm & 8:30pm S.C vs White Sox (M)

July 18    6:15pm Red Dogs vs Bucs (Q), 8:45pm Dogers vs A's (Q)

July 19    6:15pm Devils vs Pirates (J), 8:45pm Angels vs Reds (J)

July 20    6:00pm Pirates vs White Sox (M), 8:45pm White Sox vs Pirates (M)

July 21    1:00pm SC Indians vs Wolf Pack (M), 1pm and 4pm (double header)

July 22    1:00 pm MJ vs Trappers (Q), 4:00pm Angels vs Pirates (J), 7:00pm Reds vs Devils (J)

July 23    6:15pm Cubs vs Bucs (Q), 8:45pm Caps vs Dodgers (Q)

July 24    6:00pm MJ vs Pirates (J), 8:45pm Red Dogs vs Jays (Q)

July 25    8:45pm Ghosts vs A's (Q)

July 26    6:15pm & 8:15pm Dodgers vs Trappers

July 27    Junior Provincials

July 28    Junior Provincials

July 29    Junior Provinials

July 30    Qu appelle Valley, continue game from July 10, will start in 3rd inning (Q)

July 31    6:15pm and 8:45pm   two Qu Appelle valley games (Q)

Aug 1      Regina Optimist League Playoffs 6:15pm

Aug 3      Senior Provincials

Aug 4      Senior Provincials

Aug 5      Senior Provincials

Aug 6      Regina Optimist League Playoffs 4:00pm and 7:00pm

Aug 7/8/9 Qu Appelle Valley League Playoffs





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