Congratulations And Welcome to our New President, Mr. Brian Rankin

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As of Jan 2017, Mr. Brian Rankin is the new President of the Regina Optimist Baseball Association, Park and Website! Congratulations President Rankin, and on behalf of the Directors, and Volunteers, we all look forward to working with you!

Mr. Rod Palanuik will remain on now, as Vice President. We Sincerly, Thank Mr. Palanuik for his many years of service as President, and more than acknowledge all the tremendous contributions he made to the Association and Park under his leadership. Mr. Palanuik wil continue to be involved as Vice President, and we sincerely look forward to working with him and President Rankin in the coming years!

Also, a Junior Baseball Committee has been formed, which will include Mr. Norm Loehr, Mr. Scott Crawly and Mr. Rod Palanuik.


We look forward to serving you, and continuing on with the Regina Optimist Baseball Association, and Park !


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